Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30th, 2017

Hallo! How is everyone!? Things are all right around here. This past week was Mom’s birthday. She took her nephew and some of her friends to the zoo in Green Bay. It’s called the NEW Zoo. She decided to do something called a wild encounter with the giraffes.
2017-06-26 10.13.38
These are the giraffes. They were very friendly.
2017-06-26 10.15.02
Even Graham fed them! Aren’t they huge! Mom was impressed how big they were when you were up close! Look how big his head is!
2017-06-26 10.02.18
They were very friendly, and it made Mom a happy camper!
2017-06-26 11.04.10
They also walked around the zoo. It was kind of cold and windy.
2017-06-26 11.45.44
One of the peacocks was still willing to show off his fancy feathers.
Mom had a lot of fun, which is important for a birthday! Do any of you go to a zoo? We like going to zoos?
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