Friday, June 17, 2016

June 17th, 2016

Good afternoon, everybody! How are you? Things around here have been pretty quiet! Mom has been working a lot this week. It was four days in a row—and that usually doesn’t happen. But now she’s on VACATION! Woot!
2016-06-13 22.49.46
We’ve had a new friend move in. This is Hank. He is an octopus! (Mom says that he’s actually a septopus, because he only has seven arms.) He looks kind of cranky, but he seems to be a nice guy.
2016-06-12 15.35.30-2
Mom and Caleb recently went to this exhibit. It was at the Paine Art Museum. There was a large room with about twenty or thirty prints. They were prints from Audubon’s time. They were very pretty. Mom especially liked the turkey one. Caleb liked the one with the ruby-throated hummingbird. In another room, there was a TV playing a PBS documentary about Audubon and his life. There was some modern reproductions of the prints there, including the pink flamingo. Mom and her friend wandered around the inside of the museum.
They walked around the outside of the garden when they were walking back to the car. The museum has a garden around it. There was a pond. Mom likes ponds because they sometimes hold koi. This one was empty, but it was still very pretty!
tn_2016-06-12 Paine Art Center (7)
There was a hedge nearby that was covered in roses. It was very pink and very pretty.
tn_2016-06-12 Paine Art Center (4)
Since the flowers weren’t for picking, Mom took a picture of one instead!
2016-06-12 15.41.31-2
We’ve also been spending a lot of time with Graham. He likes to lie on the ground and kick and talk. Oliver is very fond of Graham, so we spend a lot of time on the ground with him too!
2016-06-02 06.19.16
I hope you all have a great week! Mom and I are going to do some great things! Talk to you later!
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