Friday, April 08, 2016

April 8th, 2016

Hello everybody! How are you all? Mom and I are all right. Spring still hasn’t arrived here in Wisconsin. According to the weather app on Mom’s ipad, it’s supposed to snow this week!
One of the things that Mom and I collect are buttons. She finds them at thrift stores and antique malls in jars. We then sit on the bed and sort them. We have several jars, one for each color, and we fill them up. If Mom or I think a button is uniquely pretty, different, or we have more than one, we put it in a little plastic bag. These will someday go in boxes for each color. The other buttons, the plain ones, the ones that we don’t have pairs for, or the ones that we just haven’t sorted yet go in the jars. We have full jars of the black buttons and white buttons.
2016-04-01 22.02.06
Mom often posts pictures of them on Instagram. This one is a yellow button, possibly made of Bakelite. Mom likes the vintage ones the best. I like the blue ones the best.
2016-03-31 23.15.09
We find all sorts of buttons though. Along with buttons, Mom and I collect books, domos, postcards, and miniature things. Do you collect anything?
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