Friday, April 01, 2016

April 1st, 2016

How are you all? Things are all right around here. The weather still is rather cold—it’s supposed to rain and snow next week! It feels like we’re never going to get to garden!
We have been spending a lot of time lately taking care of Graham. He likes to be held a lot. Mom says he is lucky he is so cute!
tn_2016-03-22 Graham (6)
We have also spent a lot of time paying attention to Oliver. He is used to getting everyone’s attention all the time, but Graham needs a lot of attention now too. Mom takes us all for car rides to make up for it.
tn_2016-03-19 Oliver (2)
This picture was taken when we all were downstairs because Mom’s parents were on vacation. Can you see Roscoe in the background? I never thought I’d come to the day when I’d rather hang out with Oliver because he’s the quieter of the options! Graham never wants to take a nap that lasts more than 30 minutes, while Oliver will nap for hours!
How are the seasons changing where you live? I know that it’s not spring everywhere. I like fall too! Mom and I don’t really like hot weather, so fall means it’ll be nice outside! But without summer and the heat there wouldn’t be any growing things!
Marlowe II_thumb[3]

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