Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25th, 2016

I like all the ideas that you’re coming up with. We are going to keep them for the next go around. We’ve lost our big buffer of posts, but we’re doing all right with ideas.
This last week was Mom’s vacation. We had Graham for most of it. We didn’t really get to do anything really interesting. We went to Oshkosh to be by Mom’s sister a few times. Mom went to meet one of her work friends and to show her Graham once. We finally had Friday off—and we spent a lot of it napping. We went to Oshkosh again, but otherwise we were pretty much out of energy.
Mom spent some of our time today working on her family tree. I usually just watch, but today I napped. Oliver is very warm, and it’s nice to stay curled up near him.
I know that Netflix is different for every country, but I thought I’d show you my current favorites. As a bear, I love the outside, and we we recently found a travel show called Rock the Park.
It’s about two guys who go around visiting National Parks. They’re kind of funny, and the scenery is very pretty.
This next one makes Mom happy. She likes math, and she says that she thinks she understands what they’re talking about in this documentary series. She also wishes that she could travel to all these interesting places. (I prefer to stay home!)
It’s called the Story of Maths. It’s about the history of the study of mathematics, and how different people from different cultures discovered really cool things about numbers. We’ve watched it at least five times!
Do you know of any interesting documentaries? We’re pretty open to anything, but we don’t particularly like war or true crime. We also have Amazon Prime and Hulu if they’re not available on Netflix here in the United States!
I hope you’re having a great week!
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