Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11th, 2016

Hello everyone! How are you? Things are all right around here. Mom gets to go on vacation next week. It's mostly just a vacation from work. We're not going to go anywhere really special. Graham is going to come over for the first three days. Mom wants to take him to Build-a-Bear so she can pick out his very first teddy bear! Of course he's got to have some clothes for his new bear. I'm pretty sure I can talk her into buying some clothes for my friends and I! 
2016-03-03 21.20.47
Mom brought some Domos back into our family. They can be rather noisy little guys. Some of them are living on the shelf with the AG minis and the BJD kids. Lark, Wren, and Raven seem to get along with them just fine, but the AG girls really don't know what to make of them. I guess I'd have a hard time understanding what they're all about too if I was really only used to things from the 1860s! Lark is showing them things that she has found online and it seems to be helping. 
2016-02-19 20.23.40
Today we're going to talk a little about Lark. Mom found Lark on a AG group for people over 18. She was from Madison, Wisconsin. She came from a company named Boy & Girl. She was part of a package that came with another doll. The lady who had her before tried to do her face up but didn't do a very good job. Mom scraped most of it off. Lark came into our family to help take care of Raven. She's sort of a nanny or governess. She helps take care of everyone her size. She has a stuffed cow named Mr. Cow. She would like her own room in the dollhouse (she shares the big room upstairs with Raven), and her own garden! 
I hope everyone is having a great spring. I hope it gets nice enough soon that we can plant outside!
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  1. Hi Marlowe
    Greetings from Wales!
    it isn't quite spring here yet. We have had an early flush of spring floers sine late Jauary because the winter hadn't been cold but now the winter has sort of returned with freezing nights and so much rain our fields look like lakes.
    But Poppa and I are doing the armchair gardening thing with seed catalogues and gardening magazines sread around whilst we toast our paws by the wood burner stove.
    Hope Graham gets a GREAT new pal for you all Will you be his (or her) Uncle Marlowe?
    Have fun,
    Trumble Gardener-Bear x
    PS Domos like peanut butter - not on bread, straight from the jar it keeps them quiet for days.

  2. It sounds busy and crowded in your house.