Sunday, November 03, 2013

November 3rd, 2013

Things have been pretty busy lately. Mom still works at the bookstore, and Oliver is still a handful. Mom says that he is lucky that he’s cute.

2013-11-02 11.32.00

He does this a lot. Look so cute that Mom can’t help but forgive him for everything. She takes him to puppy training classes every Thursday night. There are two other puppies there this time, Bruiser, a shih tzu, and George, a labradoodle. They’re both very nice puppies and Oliver loves to play with them! Mom wants to take a picture of them playing!

Things on my own front have been pretty quiet. Mom brought home a new Build-a-Bear My Little Pony named Twilight Sparkle.

2013-10-09 21.59.37

Mom took this picture with her ipad and some photo app, so it looks different to what she really looks like. Twilight Sparkle also came with Spike, a baby dragon!

2013-10-09 21.53.30

So that’s what’s happening around here! I managed to write an entry a month for two months in a row! I hope I’ll have lots of Christmas-ey things to report next time!

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  1. He is super-cute!! And hopefully learning a lot in class!

  2. Good to hear from you Marlowe! Winter is approaching, so hope you've stocked up on honey! hehe

  3. Hi Marlowe! My name is Ajdin and I am also a bear. I just started a blog recently. I hope we can be friends. :D

  4. We are Glad to see your Posts Marlowe and Marlowe's Mom! We haven't had many Posts lately as Dad has been Neglecting my Sister, Pinkie and myself. Dad says he is Working Extra-Hard so that he can Semi-Retire in about 6 months. Congrats on Oliver. He is Handsome!