Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24th, 2011

I know this is supposed to be a blog about me, but Mom bought Adelaide a new outfit yesterday and wants to share the pictures. Since she’s my mom and my typist, I figure I should let her. She says that maybe I can have my own photo-shoot tomorrow, which I am looking forward to!

tn_2011-09-24 Adelaide (3) copy

She bought the outfit at Toys R Us. It’s from a doll named Journey Girls. It really doesn’t fit very well, but it is pretty and Mom can find her a skirt to make it work better.

tn_2011-09-24 Adelaide (6) copy

Adelaide apparently didn’t want to go outside for her photo-shoot—she didn’t say anything to Mom, but fell out of a tree that she was placed in, and fell over when Mom put her on the ground. Luckily, it didn’t seem to hurt her at all! Mom said that she ought to have said something and she would’ve taken someone else outside! Sometimes, girls are so difficult to understand!

tn_2011-09-24 Adelaide (9) copy

Mom also took some nature pictures. We have an apple orchard in our front yard. No one sprays them for the bugs and such, so they look a bit beat up after a summer outside.

tn_2011-09-24 Fall (3)

Mom says that is what real apples look like. They’re still good eating!

Hope you all are having a good day. More bear pictures soon!

Marlowe II


  1. Hi Marlowe, we love the photo of the apple. Fall is our favorite time of the year! We're going to the apple orchard today to get some apples and pumpkins, then we can help Papa make an apple pie, yum!

  2. It's fun to find outfits I think! But hamstersize outfits are rare!

  3. Glad she didn't get hurt. Some girls don't make good tree climbers.

    Why does Adelaide have two different color eyes?

    Your apple picture makes me want to go pick apples again. Mom says the only apple picking this year will be at the local grocery store. Sigh!

  4. Adelaide is very pretty with her new clothes, they are very accurate for Autumn! :)

  5. Adelaide is cute - she's lucky getting new clothes. Wow, I had to look twice... her eyelashes are nearly as gorgeous as mine (nearly).

    We have real straight-off-the tree apples at our place too. They're yummo aren't they.
    Bye for now ^O^Rebsxx

  6. Nice new clothes, Adelaide!!!

    Marlowe, I'm excited to tell you that I have given you a "I'm a Toy Tourist" award!!! You can see it and get a badge here: