Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22nd, 2011

It turns out that Bob the Bear was right—Caleb was on a secret mission. It turns out that while he was in Mom’s purse at work, he found out that some special guests were coming to live at our house. He needed to scoot away to learn their language before they moved in.

tn_2011-09-22 Meeting the Domos (4)

Meet the Domos! Right now, only Caleb can understand them. They tell him that it will be a little while before they can talk to the rest of us. Mom found out about the domos from this lady on Flickr. She’s always wanted one, and she discovered that her store now carries them!

tn_2011-09-22 Meeting the Domos (2)

I listened to them talk for a while to Caleb. He’s pretty happy that they talk to him. He considers himself the ambassador to life around here for the domos! (He’s always been a bit dramatic!)tn_2011-09-22 Meeting the Domos (6)

Adelaide came to see what was happening. I was kind of glad that she did, because she’s got fingers and is able to pick up fast, darting things, much like domos. My paws don’t move quite that fast!

tn_2011-09-22 Meeting the Domos (7)

She caught one of the domos! She asked the strawberry domo what it’s name was and it turned out to be Atsuko. Well, we think that’s what her name is—we still don’t quite understand what they’re saying, and Caleb is miffed that Adelaide came in and took control of the domos. (Mom and I don’t mind!)

We’ll keep you all updated on our new invasion of domos! I’m sure that my Mom will invite more of them home!

Marlowe II


  1. Ohhhh the domos are so cute! You have to teach them your language, hihihihi :)))

  2. Wow! The Domos are cool!
    Easter Domo is totally in love with the pink Domo

  3. Poor Caleb, sometimes girls can be that way.