Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21st, 2011

My mom buys me presents sometimes. Sometimes, they’re clothes, which isn’t very fun. Sometimes they’re toys, which is a lot more fun. I have my own train, and a toy digger. A few days ago, she got me a brand new toy!

tn_2011-04-16 Marlowe and Present_edited-1

I have my very own Lightning McQueen! My favorite movie is Cars! There’s a new movie coming out too—Mom and I aren’t too sure about it, but we figure we ought to give it a try! She was looking for a Sally too, but all the ones the store had were Lightning McQueen.

tn_2011-04-16 Lightning McQueen (3)_edited-1

Isn’t he great?! He’s just my size. You see his eyes? They move back and forth when you look at him from different directions.

tn_2011-04-16 Lightning McQueen (2)_edited-1

I think he’s my favorite toy right now. (Caleb, my bear, really isn’t a toy, obviously—he’s my friend!) Does anyone else have a favorite toy?

Marlowe II


  1. Oh, I have lots of favorite toys! They squeak and I chew on them and fetch them. Nothing I have is as shiny as your car though!

  2. I got a sports car that I won on an arcade game for my birthday a couple of years ago!!! It's white and blue, the same as me!!!!

  3. That is SO adorable!!! I'm using my mom's account.

    - Babybear and Dollybear

    Hey!! Girls! You took my account!! So sorry, Marlowe.

    - 4EvrYoung

  4. Love the car!
    I got a piggy flashlight and a piggy keyring that oinks.

  5. Ohhh, what a cute toy for you!
    I hope you will enjoy with it a lot!

  6. Mes ours n'ont pas de jouets favoris... mais je sent qu'après avoir lu que toi tu en as un, il vont m'en demander !
    ils sont tellement mignons que je me ferais une joie de leur donner un jouet !
    hummmm que pourrait bien vouloir Balthazar (à part un chocolat ) ?

    My bears have no favorite toys ... but I feel that after they read (yes they can read héhéhéhé) that you have one, it will ask me!

    they are so cute that I would be happy to give them a toy!
    hummmm what toy want Balthazar (besides chocolate)?

  7. That's a lovely new car, Marlowe! Bob loves 'push push cars'.

  8. My dear friend, you've got a prize in my blog!!!! Congratulations :)

  9. Marlowe...where are you? Are you sleeping the summer away? hehe