Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 9th, 2011

I thought that my mom and I would have posted quickly after the last one, but it didn’t seem to happen. Sigh.
tn_2011-03-26 Fyodor_edited-1The new friend I wanted to tell you about is Fyodor. I thought I would mention him here in case any of you know what kind of bear he is. His tag says that he is a Ganz Heritage collection bear, but we haven’t been able to find out what his tag name is or anything like that. We even scoured ebay for the name and it didn’t come up.
A few days after that, Mom brought home a new Build-a-Bear friend. Her name is Wheat, and she is Shirley’s cousin.
tn_2011-03-26 Wheat_edited-1
Mom named her Wheat because one of our friends on Flickr, Neoguest, had brought home a sheep called Clover! We already have a friend named Clover here (she’s a Westie), so she came up with Wheat!
Mom and I are sorry that we haven’t been commenting on people’s posts lately. Fred, our computer, is getting old. When we upgraded to Firefox 4, we started to see that he was working very slowly when we wanted to go on the internet. So far Mom’s figured out one thing that seems to speed things up a little bit. She started telling me about memory and CPU and all sorts of things—and it was very confusing. She said that I can just think about what to have her type up on our blog posts and leave the computer worrying to her.
And Mom’s had a cold for the past couple days—and along with work things, she’s been a rather unhappy camper. Well, she’s been a rather cranky camper really. Fred-the-computer should be glad that she’s not prone to fits of temper! (That’s what Mom says!)
tn_2011-04-07 Plamann Park (46)I hope my mom feels better soon so she can take us outside! It’s the beginning of spring here in Wisconsin and there are plenty of brand new growing things to see! (That’s some moss!)
Talk to you all later!
Marlowe II


  1. Never knew got someone name Clover. It a name I got from Build-a-bear name booklet

  2. We welcome your new beary friends, whatever their names are :))))

  3. I hope yor Ma is better soon. Hav fun wiv yor new frends!!!

  4. Hello new friends of Marlowe! Hope you all get along very well!

  5. We're Internet Savvy Teddy Bears, so might be able to speed up Fred a bit. Try these things (even if they take a long time):

    1.) Run your virus software. Sure, it runs all the time, but remember, it only updates a few times a day, so viruses can sneak in before virus killers can find a fix.

    2.) Delete your temp files, cache, and then delete your recycle bin contents.

    3.) Update and then run your spyware program.

    4.) Download and then run Glary Utilities.

    5.) Back-up important files. (If you're brave, you can delete files you rarely use on your regular hard drive after that - files, not programs. We're not that brave.)

    6.) Check your add/remove programs thingy in your control pannel and delete any programs you downloaded long ago, but never used. (If you don't know what it is, don't delete it. Fred downloads lots of files and programs to keep up to date, so deleting them can make stuff worse.)

    7.) Defrag Fred.

    Our 'puters seem old some days, too, but when we do all that stuff (and it takes so long, we often do it over a period of days), it seems to speed up again. And less goofy stuff happens while we're surfing the Net.

    And, Hi, New Marlowe brothers and sisters! Welcome to the brotherhood of stuffies online.

  6. Oh no Marlow, we got a little more snow today, did you receive any? I hope it doesn't last very long! Hope you're doing well!

  7. Hello Marlowe, you like nice.
    I am Beertje Zonn
    Bear from the Netherlands