Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10th 2009

Mom brought Caleb, my bear, to work today in her purse! Sometimes, he comes with her in her backpack. But she’s unable to look at him because she doesn’t want anyone to see his secret hiding place. But since she bought her new purse, there is much more room in there. So he took a little trip today in the safety of her purse!tn_2009-07-09 Caleb in Purse at Work (2) He said it was kind of fun. He sat in her purse on her lap during both of her breaks. He even peeked out and looked around when she was on her longer break and there wasn’t anyone in the break room. I’m WAY too big to fit in her purse, but maybe someday I can go to work with her in her backpack. I’ve gone to school with her--- and even to the zoo. I think work would be a great adventure!

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