Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26th 2009

Today I am going to introduce my best friend, Robinson. Robinson is a floppy pony II from Build-a-bear. Mom bought him a long time ago, and he's been with our family nearly as long as I have. He was Mom's second Build-a-Bear. Robinson and I hang out a lot. tn_2009-01-24 Robinson and Stegner_edited-1We like talking about cars, books, and trees. Robinson really likes to know the names of the different kinds of trees we can see from our windows. He knows silver maple, apple, pine, and plum. He hopes that one day Mom will take him out somewhere with more kinds of trees!

Robinson has a cousin named Friday that I'll introduce on another post. He's only three years old, so Robinson spends some time each day trying to keep him out of trouble. Mom says that sometimes it's easier to keep out of trouble ourselves then keep Friday out of trouble and I agree! Friday really doesn't listen to reason, but Mom says that is because he is just a baby. I don't understand why that should be an excuse!

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