Friday, December 09, 2016

December 9th, 2016

Winter has finally decided to come to Wisconsin. It actually snowed a few days ago, and it’s probably 25 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. I’m hoping for a white Christmas. Mom says that she just doesn’t want it to snow when she has to drive to and from work!
Mom just bought her very first Humble Bundle today. They’re not books that Mom would let me read, but she thought there were people who read my blog that would like to know about it. It’s a bundle of Neil Gaiman books! We’re big fans of him around here!
2016-12-07 15.47.01
With Mom working two jobs, we haven’t gone to many places this week. She did take Oliver and Caleb to Petsmart this week though. In a few weeks, I hope she gets an extra day off every week! I want to go somewhere that’s not one of her jobs! Maybe to the library? Where do you think I should ask to go?
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