Friday, May 27, 2016

May 28th, 2016

Hello everybody! The weather has been great here in Wisconsin. Oliver and Graham both like sitting on the porch, so Mom and I have spent a lot of time lately outside.
2016-05-12 17.01.06
(Technically, this isn’t the view from our porch—it’s actually the McDonald’s parking lot, but Mom likes the sky and the dog, so here it is!)

There also has been some very pretty flowers. Mom likes her miniature gardening, but there isn’t a lot of pretty flowers in miniature! Grandma likes going to garden centers, so I have a lot of pictures of big flowers!
2016-05-24 21.08.27
This is an iris. It’s a bearded iris. It was at a garden center, and it didn’t have a scientific name on it. Mom loves the color purple, so she took a picture of it. She looks out for flowers that are my favorite color, blue, but there aren’t a lot!

Mom took this picture at the Master Gardener Sale at the UW-Extension. It’s not as fancy as it sounds—it was just a plant sale. Someday when Mom has the money, she wants to go through the Master Gardener program!
2016-05-21 09.01.08-2
These are anemones. They’re wildflowers! Well, technically these aren’t wildflowers—they’re cultivated cousins of the wildflower. I like how white they are.

Do you have a favorite flower? Mom and I both like tulips! Mom likes purple tulips the best. What do you think?

Marlowe II_thumb[3]


  1. Tulips are cool. I like daffodils.

  2. Your flowers look beautiful! It is really good that bears are around to supervise the gardening!!