Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11th, 2015

This is the second of hopefully many blog posts for Mom and I. Today, we’re going to talk about books! Mom could probably have a book blog of her very own! We could probably talk on and on about them here too!
One of my favorite authors, Blue Balliett, has a new book in her Chasing Vermeer series. It is called Pieces and Players. It is about the three children from the previous books, plus two new children, trying to find out what happened to stolen pieces of work across the globe.
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Mom likes this series because the first book reminded her of a Da Vinci Code kind of book for kids, and the second one is about Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings. (He was born in Wisconsin, so Mom has a soft spot for works by him—but he wasn’t a very nice person, so we keep our reading about him to references in kids’ books!)
Do you have a new book that you’d like to recommend?
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  1. How fun! We see that our library has these book and will be checking them out soon. Thanks!

  2. Books are beary cool! I see a fair few naturalist books in the background... wildflowers, insects, rocks. Are you a naturalist, Marlowe?

  3. We like books too. I have a kerleshun of ones in Bear size, but I read the big people books too Don't like poppa's books about wars though, they make me miserable. I like adventures and history stories and picture books and books that tell you informayshun about mini-beasts, castles and dinosaurs best.
    Trumble xxxxx