Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014

Just a little post off the iPad before we go to bed tonight! Mom bought me a wee present! It's a little bunny! We decided that maybe we'd let all of our friends give us choices for his name! What do you all think? We like book names! Charlotte volunteered Peter, but we decided he'd have to wear a little blue jacket with buttons! Anybody have any other ideas?

2014-05-12 21.22.26


On another note, we're waiting for Mom to get Chloe from her sister's house, and then our main hug will be complete. We're scouting eBay for our other friends!

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  1. Peter is a very nice name. We also like: Mr. Nibbles, Clover (cause bunnies love clover), and Hoppy (for obvious reasons). hehe

  2. Fluffy does come to mind along with Cotton (tail). He's very cute!