Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22nd, 2014

Mom has been interested in my twitter account again. To read our twitter feeds, Mom uses hootsuite, both on the computer and the iPad. When she used it to read her twitter, she would sometimes look at the button that was mine and remember all the very nice people on there! A few days ago, she clicked on it and all the nice people were still there! I followed some new people and read through lots of tweets! I hope we can keep it up again!

Mom has been making dolly food out of polymer clay. Technically, she's making it for her ball jointed dolls and a different set for the American Girl dolls. The AG sized stuff fits my friends and I too!

It is a nice, quiet morning-- at least as quiet as it can be with Oliver around! Talk to you later!




  1. We like those pajamas Marlowe! The hand crafted clay food looks great too, your mom is sure talented!

  2. Hi Marlow, sorry I haven't been to visit for a while. I see you have some nice friends to sit with. I don't have a twitter account. Hope the dolls don't get better treatment than you. Are they nice to you??

  3. Well, it happen with many people and sometimes it's hard to forget such incidents as you posted here. BTW the dolls and teddy bear made by your mom are looking so nice.

    Charlie Bears