Tuesday, May 08, 2012

May 8th, 2012

Things have been pretty quiet around here. Mom works, and we all read and watch TV. She takes me and a few of my friends to work with her—we wait in the car for her lunch.

tn_2012-04-24 Jennerjohn Park (24)

Spring has struck Wisconsin. All sorts of plants are in bloom! The first trees that flower around here are apple trees. That picture is a crab apple tree that Mom found at a local park.

tn_2012-04-19 Spring Pear Blossoms (1)

Those are pear blossoms from our front yard. Mom loves taking pictures of flowers—especially ones that live around us!

tn_2012-04-20 Spring (3)

There also have been plenty of pretty skies to take pictures of. This one is over Partridge Lake in Waupaca County.

tn_2012-04-20 Princess

And of course, Princess, who always makes Mom smile!

Marlowe II


  1. Beautiful spring flower photos Marlowe. The bees will be soon buzzing and we'll have new honey for our toast! bzzzzzz, bzzzzz

  2. Your mom is becoming an excellent photographer!

  3. The photos are beautiful! The flowers are wonderful and it looks as though you are well into spring over there.
    I love seeing Princess, she looks very thoughtful and wise. Is she your personal advisor?

  4. Marlowe,
    Princess looks like a cute sweet doggie, but has she tried to play with you.
    Sally Ann and Andy