Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April 3rd, 2012

Mom has been taking my friends and I to work lately. We sit in her car and wait for her lunch break. It’s been so nice! We get outside and get to see all sorts of interesting things.

Caleb and Wren get to go inside the building, while Milton and I wait in the car. During her break, sometimes we drive behind her building and look at the pond.

The pond itself isn’t very pretty—it’s a retention pond that doesn’t get cleaned out. But sometimes, there are birds there.

Including ducks, which are some of Mom’s favorite birds! This is a mallard (Anas platyrhynchos).
Does anyone else get to go on drives? I know Sullivan and Hammie get to go on all sorts of walks. Mom takes me for a walk sometimes in her backpack—maybe now since the weather is so nice, I can convince her to go!
Marlowe II


  1. We see ducks sometimes at the lakes, they are nicer than all of the Canadian geese we think! hehe

  2. Is there a peek hole in her backpack? Sounds like you have had a nice week.

    Our friends that live not far from you are coming to visit for Easter this year. :)

  3. You shoul really ask her to take you with her always! It's very nice to be able to enjoy things together!

    1. Dilly like duks, like giv duks bred.
      Blog not let Dilly post so do reply to Hammie insted! Fnar! Hewo Hammie!!!
      Happy Eester, Marlowe!!!!!


  4. I love your stories here! They made my day! Thank you. Greetings from Vienna (Austria)!