Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th, 2011

One of Mom’s favorite things—besides reading, is fishing. She doesn’t get to go a lot. It’s possible to go fishing by yourself, but it’s not the same! So she has to wait till one of her friends have extra time before she can go. Caleb was in her backpack the entire time (he was the wallet protector), so even these photos have something to do with me and my friends! (Not that you guys seem to mind my Wisconsin related posts!)

tn_2011-06-29 Fishing Trip (11)

We live near the Fox River. It was the dumping ground for papermaking plants a long time ago, so the fish aren’t safe to eat. It doesn’t bother Mom and her friends because they don’t want to kill the fish!

tn_2011-06-29 Fishing Trip (41)

They mostly fish off parks and the like. This is Peabody Park. The white stuff on the ground is cottonwood seeds. Cottonwood trees are rather hardy and enjoy wet soil, so they like to live near rivers.

tn_2011-06-29 Fishing Trip (78)

This was one of the larger fish Mom and her friend caught. It was a rock bass.

tn_2011-06-29 Fishing Trip (97)

Mom’s favorite part by far was the mallard duck families! There were a couple of them. This mom duck had probably eight or nine babies!

tn_2011-06-29 Fishing Trip (71)

This mom duck had fewer babies, but they were older. They also got a lot closer!

Until next time!

Marlowe II


  1. this is so cool!!! my bears would love fishing too...bearHUGS...

  2. That mama duck and her baby duckies sure do look cute! Did you feed them some bread crumbs Marlowe?

  3. Ohhhh, the little ducks are so cute... I love them!

  4. Those little ducks are very adorable!