Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2010

The most exciting thing to happen around here in the past few days was that Mom took a bunch of us outside on the porch for to take photographs. Mom has revived her Flickr account to post pictures to various teddy bear and doll groups that she had been previously merely browsing. Some of the people who post on the travel and companion doll lists that she lurks on post such lovely pictures. Some of the pictures that she takes of us are very lovely too!

One of the reasons that Mom wanted to take photos was that we have a new friend. It’s been a while since I’ve introduced anyone here.

tn_2010-09-09 Marjorie the SmallFry BAB_edited-1

This is Majorie, a Read Teddy Small-Fry from Build-a-Bear. Mom has been seeing advertisements for them online for a while, but this is the first time that she got to go to the store and buy one. Marjorie came home with us because most of the clothes that they had were for girl bears. But the two outfits for boy bears came home with us too—because Mom thought that Caleb might be the right size.

tn_2010-09-09 Caleb in SmallFry Clothes_edited-1And it turned that Mom was right, but just barely. These clothes were VERY tight on Caleb. Technically, I have the exact same sweatshirt, but in big Build-a-Bear size, so we’re going to be twins! Mom says that it is impressive on how the large head made Marjorie seem to be a lot bigger then Caleb. It doesn’t matter though—everyone is happy!

And because the doll photography is the reason that Mom started to go back to Flickr and look, Tilia and Lindera came outside to get their photos taken. Mom had found these two fancy dresses in a grab bag at a thrift store and wanted to make sure they would fit before she started repairing them.

tn_2010-09-09 Lindera and Tilia_edited-1Sigh, I think we’ve talked enough about clothes! (I write this to make Mom happy—she spends a lot of time making sure that we look nice for the photo session!) Fall is beginning where we live. Some of the trees are beginning to turn colors. In the front yard, we have about a dozen or so apple trees. The apples, which don’t get treated with anything to get rid of the bugs, are ripe now.

tn_2010-09-09 Apple Tree (6)_edited-1Are there any signs of your changing seasons? I’m sure Mom will take plenty of pictures of the changing fall leaves once they start in earnest!

Marlowe II


  1. Oh, what a cool sweatshirt!
    And here it felt like autumn ever since the start of august :-(

  2. We have mushrooms growing in our garden, and when the wind blows very hard like today a lot of leaves fall of the trees... I still hope there will be some days that we can sit at outside, don't mind wearing a sweater, just being able to be outside is enough...

  3. Ooooh, almost forgot! Thanks for the lovely card!!!

  4. Hehe Majorie looks nice hehehe [blush]

    We hav a bild-a-bear in town heer an I wish they did smaller clothes cos I am ownly an 8 inch Bear an thayer stuff is too big for me, but they do cool stuff like boots an ruksaks an hats an all sorts as well as clothes. It's hard to get new stuff wen yor ownly 8 inches tall!! Mummy sez she has the sayme trubbol an she is 63 inches tall! Haha!

  5. Hi Marlowe!
    We checked the mailbox that's outside of our home yesterday and no card sofar :-(
    But we'll check again tomorrow, you never know!