Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23rd, 2007

My mom is on vacation! She's been spending lots of time with us. She's been reading us books, letting us listen to whatever music we want to, and having lots of snuggles! It's been lots of fun. I've been helping her with her math. She's taking algebra at the local technical college for her degree. Being a bear makes lots of subjects easy for me, and math just happens to be one of them! I like algebra-- with all the neat rows of numbers and letters. It's a lot easier for me to tell Mom what to write though! Bear paws don't work well with pencils!

Then for her social studies class, we read a chapter on the US Constitution and took notes. I don't mind history at all-- especially American history, but it was kind of boring! She says that the book moves quickly onto more current subjects, so I'm glad about that!

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