Sunday, March 22, 2020

March 21st, 2020

Hello everybody! I'm sorry we're late. We napped a lot yesterday evening. Mom's been very worried about all the current events, and napping helps! 

Not much has really changed-- it turns out that Mom's introverted tendencies are a lot like social distancing. The only thing that has changed is her work places. The not-retail job hasn't changed too much-- much more into cleaning. The retail job (which we didn't have to go this weekend) has limited hours.

She did make some progress on Adelaide's Lady Sherlock outfit. She now has a chemise and drawers. The drawers didn't quite work out the way they were supposed to-- they don't fit around her middle-- but it doesn't matter. Now we have to wait for the fabric to come from the interwebs to continue. 

Mom is supposed to get out early for inventory from the not-retail job on Friday, so we'll have extra time to write it. (We're supposed to write it beforehand, but sometimes that doesn't happen!) I hope you all have a safe week!


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