Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30th, 2017

Hallo! How is everyone!? Things are all right around here. This past week was Mom’s birthday. She took her nephew and some of her friends to the zoo in Green Bay. It’s called the NEW Zoo. She decided to do something called a wild encounter with the giraffes.
2017-06-26 10.13.38
These are the giraffes. They were very friendly.
2017-06-26 10.15.02
Even Graham fed them! Aren’t they huge! Mom was impressed how big they were when you were up close! Look how big his head is!
2017-06-26 10.02.18
They were very friendly, and it made Mom a happy camper!
2017-06-26 11.04.10
They also walked around the zoo. It was kind of cold and windy.
2017-06-26 11.45.44
One of the peacocks was still willing to show off his fancy feathers.
Mom had a lot of fun, which is important for a birthday! Do any of you go to a zoo? We like going to zoos?
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Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23rd, 2017

Mom and Caleb went to a park in Oshkosh for one of Mom’s work things. It had a little zoo!
2017-06-22 14.16.34
Mom’s sister works for the same company, so they wandered around together! It was sort of raining, but not too bad. I think some of the animals didn’t like the rain.
2017-06-22 14.29.34
Look at this fine fellow. He talked to the little kids that were in the park. They gobbled right back at him.
2017-06-22 14.29.24
Mom’s brother-in-law brought Graham. (He had to pick Sam up anyways!) He didn’t really seem to be interested in the animals, just walking around and playing in the mud!
2017-06-22 14.35.53
Mom was hoping for a petting zoo, but there wasn’t one. The corn feeding dispensers were empty near the animals too.
We love animals, so this was kind of fun. Mom even got paid to hang out! She says that she’ll take the rest of us someday! I would like to look at the lake.
Have any of you been to a zoo? I think I would like to go!
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Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16th, 2017

Hallo! How are you? Things are all right around here. Mom’s been working a lot lately, so we haven’t gone on any adventures!
There were tornadoes around where we live on Wednesday. We were safe inside, but there were some people who took pictures and videos! (Actually, we were at Mom’s sister’s house, and she didn’t want to go out in the rain, so she decided to stay there until it stopped raining. It turned out that it was a very good idea!) The trees around our house just got some branches broken off.
2017-06-11 20.10.13-1
Oliver was not impressed with Mom’s picture taking. But he was making such a grumpy face that I decided wanted to stare it with someone!
Mom says that she wants to go to bed now, and since she’s my typist, I guess I ought to!
Talk to you next week!
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Friday, June 09, 2017

June 9th, 2017

Hello everyone! How are you? Things here are all right. At Mom’s retail job, they recently started carrying a brand of toys called ‘World’s Smallest.’ They had a yo-you and the toy that Mom bought the AG girls, my plush friends, and I. It’s called a Perplexus.
2017-06-08 19.07.10
Mom says that she doesn’t have enough patience to solve it, but between all of us, someone here will!
Adelaide said she’s going to try. I think her fingers will help!
2017-06-08 19.05.52
Do any of you have toys that are your size?
Talk to you all next week!
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June 9th, 2017

Mom fell asleep again by mistake. We will try to write our blog entry when she gets home from work this afternoon. (We have pictures!)

Friday, June 02, 2017

June 2nd, 2017

Hello everyone! How are you? We are watching Netflix right now. Mom is trying to stay awake for a bit longer so we can write our entry!
Mom put our miniature garden together last weekend. So now the BJD family has a place to sit outside! We have to buy some stones for the paths, but I really like what we did.
2017-05-27 17.21.33
We will probably redo it a hundred times over the summer!
2017-05-27 17.21.36
Do any of you like gardening? Mom likes miniature gardening. I like flower gardening!
Talk to you all later!
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