Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29th, 2010

Sorry for the long time posting. My mom spent some of her vacation gone, and we spent a lot of time napping! But for her birthday on Saturday, she and her mom went in half and half for a new camera! We’re just starting to learn how to take pictures with it—it is one step up from our old camera!

tn_2010-06-27 Marlowe_edited-1So you all will probably get even more pictures in my entries for a while. It’s a big camera though, and Mom probably won’t take it very far!! Mom is a very happy person though, because she thinks that the new camera’s extra specialness comes up much more during the flower pictures that she likes so much.

tn_2010-06-29 Flying Saucers Morning Glory_edited-1Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet around here. I don’t mind! We have had one new friend move in. Her name is Pearl. I will properly introduce her when Mom takes a new picture. We have one that we used to put her on the Picasa website, but it is a bit blurry!

Mom has been busy with work after her vacation. While I do have a job taking care of my mom, I am glad that I do not have to leave the house to go to ‘work’ all the time. Mom doesn’t seem to always enjoy it! Do any of you have a ‘work’ that you have to go to? 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19th, 2010

tn_2010-06-13 Unknown Vine (4)_edited-1 My mom is on vacation for the next eight days. She says that we might go outside or some other adventures. It all depends on the weather, because Mom is a bit of a wimp about really hot temperatures. She would much rather sit inside with the air conditioning then go out in the heat!

Things have been pretty calm around here lately. Wednesday was the first nice, sunny day that Wisconsin had to offer in quite some time. I know that it has to rain for the flowers and plants to grow, but I don’t always like cloudy days. Mom says that it is probably long stretches of cloudy days that I don’t like. I don’t think I could live in a place like Finland where my friends at Children of Arotox live. Sometimes, they only get a few hours of sunlight—and then that’s not even very bright sunlight! But I guess they’re used to it. Right now, it seems to be spring or early summer and they’ve got lots of beautiful flowers!

tn_2010-06-19 Marlowe, Caleb, and Milton_edited-1

Caleb, Milton, and I have been sitting on the couch with Mom this afternoon. We’re watching TV while Mom reads her book. It’s called the Great Railroad Bazaar and it is by a gentlemen named Paul Theroux. I usually love books on trains, but this one is more about the people that he meets on the trains then the actual trains themselves. We love to read around here. My favorite books are the mouse books by Kevin Henkes. He wrote books like Owen, Wemberly Worried, and Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse.

Marlowe II

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th, 2010

Mom recently bought a new movie and we went downstairs to watch it. She saw it in the movie theaters, but wanted to share it with us! This time, I chose Cleveland and Taft to come downstairs with me.

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie Marlowe_edited-1

This is the movie that Mom bought. She saw it in the theater in 3D. We don’t have anything that would make the movie 3D, but we do have a fancy flat screen TV in the kitchen!

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie Cleveland and Taft (3)_edited-1

Cleveland and Taft were fascinated by the movie. We’ve all watched plenty of TV, but this movie was very visually stunning. We decided that our favorite character was Cheshire Cat. (Mom’s favorite was the Mad Hatter!)

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie All of Us_edited-1

We had a lot of fun watching the movie. Did any of you see it? I still like Cars the best, but this is a very good movie!

Marlowe II

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th, 2010

My mom got a delivery from Build-a-Bear a few days ago. I want to introduce my new friends! They are both part of their Zoorific collection.

This is Celosia, the pink flamingo!tn_2010-06-13 Celosia (2)_edited-1

Upon her arrival, she won over all the girls here with her flowers! She says that it is called a lei. She explained that while she is not Hawaiian, she appreciated their culture and was glad to be dressed up for her trip here. She joins Opal as the only two birds in my hug!

This is Gambia, the giraffe!

tn_2010-06-13 Gambia_edited-1

It turned out that Gambia is Charlotte’s lost cousin! They were both so glad to see each other! Mom and I were very glad to reunite another family!

tn_2010-06-13 Charlotte and Gambia_edited-1

Don’t they look happy to see each other again! Charlotte is a World Wildlife Foundation giraffe that BAB made about five years ago. She is one of the founding members of our hug!

Mom also got me a present. As part of the collection, BAB made a carrying bag. It turned out that it also came with a bear-sized one! Technically, I fit in the one that is Mom’s size, and Caleb fits in the one that is my size! We think that would be a very funny picture!

tn_2010-06-12 Marlowe and Our New Bags_edited-1

I am going to go now and talk to my new friends! I hope you are having a great day!

Marlowe II

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of mail! It makes me so excited! The first was from my friends from BearPlace. They met up in a town called Arundel in England. (I couldn’t go—I’m on the wrong side of the ocean!) Instead, they sent me a great postcard with all their signatures on it!

tn_2010-06-13 Marlowe and Postcard from Arundel_edited-1 I thought it was great! I think the closest I’m going to get to such a cool meet up any time soon is if Mom and I would visit Buttons! He’s from a nearby state!

Next, we got two cards! This time Mom got a card too! It made her very happy as well! These were from Hammie and his Gea! We will write you back later today! Aren’t they beautiful!

tn_2010-06-13 Marlowe and Cards From Hammie and Gea_edited-1

Mom will get me some more postcards or regular cards as soon as she remembers! Sometimes, Moms can be awfully forgetful!

Marlowe II

Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6th, 2010

Mom has been working these things she calls ‘overnights’ lately. The place she works is getting new carpet, and they have to have someone to guard the stuff. It was kind of scary for me, because she wasn’t there at night to sleep with! But now she is hopefully done with such things and will be able to stay with me at night!

tn_2010-06-04 Caleb at Work_edited-1

Caleb went to work with her for each of the nights. Our Only Hearts friends went with him for company in his sleeping bag. He said that it was very strange to sleep safely snuggled in Mom’s purse, but it was an interesting experience. Since she was one of the two people who could get into the breakroom, Caleb got to spend more time out of the purse and looking around. He said that Mom’s fellow co-workers don’t really clean up after themselves very well, and Mom agreed wholeheartedly!

I’ve gotten some great mail that I will share as soon as Mom isn’t so tired all the time. She has the whole day today off, so I think she will feel better tomorrow.

Marlowe II