Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30th, 2012

Mom let us sit outside yesterday on the porch. It was kind of cold, but after sitting inside for such a long time, I didn’t care.

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (2)

Adelaide and Caleb came with. Caleb thinks that every time we go outside, I do something fun! He never wants to be left out!

We heard some crying. None of us knew what it was. Adelaide thought it was coming from underneath the bench we were sitting on.

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (3)

She’s much braver then me! She went to investigate!

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (4)

There was a very little girl! She said that her name was Wren and she was lost!

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (6)

Adelaide brought her up on the bench. (Fingers make carrying things much easier!)

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (7)

We wrapped her up in my robe so she could get warm. She said that she was a Borrower, and lived in the forest down the road from where we live. This morning, when she was out to get some water, a nasty crow picked her up and carried her to our house. She pulled one of it’s feathers out and it let her go.

Adelaide and Mom said that they would bring her back to where she lives if they could tell her where it was! She then admitted that she never went very far from her house, so she had no idea where it was! Mom offered to let her live with us, and she agreed!

tn_2012-01-28 Wren (3)

So now I’ve got another member of my hug! She’s so little! I can’t wait until she meets the rest of our family upstairs!

tn_2012-01-28 Wren (1)

Adelaide helped her into a little bed that Mom made for her so she could warm up! Mom says that we’ll find some more clothes to fit her soon! She’s so little that nothing here fits! Considering the size of Mom’s doll clothes collection, that’s an accomplishment!

Marlowe II

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28th, 2012

Last weekend, my mom went with her parents and Caleb to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Cleopatra exhibit.
tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (4)
Unfortunately, they didn’t allow photography inside the exhibit, so we can’t show you any of the artifacts! Mom and Caleb said it was really cool. They had huge statues of Ptolemaic kings, jewelry from that time period, and a piece of papyrus that they said that Cleopatra signed herself with ‘make it happen.’
Mom did take pictures of the rest of the museum! She didn’t use any flash and no one seemed to care! There weren’t any signs that said you couldn’t, so we have plenty if pictures to share. We thought we would divide the pictures up into a few posts so this doesn’t get too long!
tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (7)
This is a picture of the Hebior mammoth. It was found in a nearby town named Kenosha. The display says that it was a middle aged adult mammoth. It has butchering marks on the hind legs, and it is some of the first evidence of humans in Wisconsin.
tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (10)
Mom liked his foot—look at those thick bones! It carried him for his whole life 13,500 plus years ago!
We really don’t have much of a plan to these photos, so you’ll have to all bear with us!
Marlowe II

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17th, 2012

Time for another book review. Mom and I really liked sharing her children’s book collection, and I like picking out my favorites! We decided that we would go on with the book reviews! (She says that we’re probably not going to go outside for pictures any time soon! It’s cold here in Wisconsin!)

tn_2012-01-16 Reading (1)

Today we are going to share our favorite Sandra Boynton book. It is called Hippos Go Berserk!

tn_2012-01-16 Reading (4)

Foster read it to us today. It is a counting book. But it RHYMES! It is very bouncy and it has some grown up words in it! (Safe words, but big words!)

tn_2012-01-16 Reading (5)

And it has Mom’s favorite Sandra Boynton characters--- hippos!

I hope you all are having a great day!

Marlowe II

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15th, 2012

My mom says that I have to let her use my blog to talk about Adelaide and the other American Girl dolls today. She says that they sent a package to a friend that they made over at LiveJournal in a group called AG_Over_18.

It was an event called Secret Snarkster. Another person on the group gathered emails and such and exchanged them among the group. We haven’t gotten ours yet, but Mom thinks that the person we’re sending ours to is possibly the person who we get it from. Maybe she’s waiting to make sure that we send something, since this is our first time at it.

tn_2012-01-07 Looking at the Computer (2)

When Mom got the email that said who we were going to get to exchange presents with, they were pretty excited. Mom and the girls looked through the letter and decided what they were going to get for who. The dolls had requested some items that we thought we could get them.

But Mom had another idea. She thought that the girls could make their new friends presents! They chose making jewelry! Mom showed them how to make bracelets!

tn_2011-12-31 Jewelry Making (3)

They used the clip to make sure that the beads didn’t fall off.

tn_2011-12-31 Jewelry Making (6)

Aren’t the beads little?

tn_2011-12-31 Jewelry Making (2)

Then they made cards to put the jewelry on. Mom says that we will show off the package once they box it up and send it on it’s way. I think it sounded like a lot of fun!

Marlowe II

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11th, 2012

A few days ago, Mom decided that we ought to go out shopping with her.

tn_2012-01-10 Going for a Car Ride

Adelaide, Caleb, and Carabella came with, along with our new Monster High friend, Kaida. (She is a dragon that came out of the create-a-monster kit. She came with because she’s going to get painted!)

Adelaide was a little worried—it was the first time that she went shopping. That is the reason that Carabella came with, because she knew how scary it was to go out for your first time! She wanted to provide a little support for Adelaide.

Things did go well. On the way home, Mom decided to do something that even I had never done—go the car washed! We went through an automatic car wash!

tn_2012-01-11 Car Wash (1)

It was really cool!

tn_2012-01-11 Car Wash (3)

Lots of soap and water!

tn_2012-01-11 Adelaide (6)

I didn’t get anything, but Adelaide got some pretty hair clips!

It was a lot of fun! Some of my friends are travel companions and get to go places all the time. But have any of the rest of you gotten to go anywhere interesting lately?

Marlowe II

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January 4th, 2011

My mom got one new plushie friend for Christmas.

tn_2011-12-31 Dickens (2)

His name is Dickens and he is a TY Beanie Baby. He is a very small fellow. He has green little front paws and a soft red nose. He is very festive. He says that he is glad that Mom doesn’t put Christmas plushies away, and that he will spend the entire year hanging out with my friends and I. Did anyone else get any new friends for Christmas?


Marlowe II

Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1st, 2012

Hurrah! A new year! These things mean much more to humans then they do to teddy bears, but it makes Mom happy if we celebrate. (It’s a much more low key celebration—Mom’s not much of a partying type!)

tn_2011-12-31 Happy New Year AG (1)

Happy New Year from the American Girls!

tn_2011-12-31 Happy New Year Domo (1)

And from the domos!

tn_2011-12-31 Happy New Year Liv

And from the Liv family!

tn_2011-12-31 Happy New Year MH (2)

From some of the Monster High family!

tn_2011-12-31 Happy New Year Plushies (2)

And, of course, from some of my plushie friends and I. We all hope you have a great new year!

Marlowe II