Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th, 2009

I've been away for the week because my Mom's laptop is sick. It's at the computer fixing place right now. On Sunday, it decided that it wanted some time off-- or a trip to the computer fixing place, I guess. Mom says that she doesn't have the patience to make this blog entry pretty with pictures tonight. We're typing this on her mom's old laptop. Tomorrow, Mom says that she will download the Windows Live Writer thing onto her USB memory thing and we can write a nicer entry.

Things have been pretty quiet around here. We did get some new clothes a few days ago that I will share with you when I'm back online regularly. (She bought the girls a new dress too-- so it's all of us!) We have a new Build-a-Bear friend named Meredith that came to live with us from Goodwill. We haven't been on many new adventures-- mostly because Mom's been bummed about the malfunctioning computer.

I'll get back to posting comments on blogs and the such when we're sure we've got a home connection to the internet. This is from my Grandma's old laptop-- and it died once so it got replaced. Neither Mom or I remember exactly what happened, so we're not going to place all of our hopes on it yet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st, 2009

tn_2009-10-21 Marlowe (2)_edited-1 I have decided—well Mom and I have decided what I am going to wear for Halloween. In tribute to my mom’s upcoming college graduation, I am going to be a graduate for Halloween. At Build-a-Bear, Mom found a black cap and gown for me to wear which will be much like hers! The hat doesn’t quite fit, but I don’t think it would really fit anyone around here—at least without bobby pins and a great deal of luck. Since my fur isn’t really long enough to keep a bobby pin in, I’m going to have to deal with the awkward hat! Mom says that on Halloween, I can wear some of my fancy shoes and it will make it seem even more official!

Mom had her chemistry mid-term tonight. This will give her a weekend off chemistry homework, and therefore a weekend off from my duties as a homework bear. It will give me time to get to know some of our new bears. Mom has brought Taft downstairs today. He told us about some of the stories that he had from previous homes. Taft says that his last home was a very nice place, but the little boy who made him got too old for bears. He said that he used to miss the little boy when he was waiting at Goodwill, but he’s glad that Mom found him. Mom says that he is safe here and will not get sent to Goodwill. She mentioned that she would try to find him a new shirt to wear, and that made him smile. He’s been wearing the same clothes since he came here—but we’ve got plenty to share. A new set of clothing is a good way to brighten up the day!

It’s been raining around here again. Mom made some thoughts about taking me outside, but the weather has not cooperated at all. While I do have a raincoat, I don’t think it would keep my head dry enough for Mom’s liking.  Hopefully the weather will be nice soon and I can go outside and have myself an adventure. Have any of you gone on an adventure lately?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18th, 2009

tn_2009-10-17 Marlowe Out of Traveling Bag (3)_edited-1 I had an exciting day yesterday. Mom had to go up north to go to her grandma’s 90th birthday party, and she decided to take Caleb and I with! Mind you, we traveled in her backpack and didn’t go inside the restaurant, but it’s certainly the farthest I’ve been away from home in quite some time! When they were all in the restaurant, Caleb and I explored the car, read some books, and listened to Mom’s iPod. We didn’t think that we should get out of the car—we certainly did not know our way around. It was very fun! By the time we got there, it was getting dark—I wish we could have seen more of our surroundings.tn_2009-10-17 Marlowe Out of Traveling Bag (4)_edited-1

We did get to see some of the autumn foliage on the way up there though. The trees have lost their vibrant color with the cold, but it was still very pretty. We did see a few red trees, but they were very far away and we were moving very fast in the car. Mom did get some pictures, but they’re sort of blurry. At least we got to see some before it snows. It might snow more sooner rather then later around here—it’s still awfully cold!

Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16th, 2009

tn_2009-10-14 Marlowe and His Journal_edited-1

Yesterday, I wrote in my journal. Mom thought that I could write in it more often, but things seem to have gotten in the way. We’ve obviously found enough time to post here, but not on the paper journal. But I guess it’s certainly not important enough to worry about how many times I write in the journal, just that I do!

Things have been pretty quiet around here. Mom did get an email back from that person who thought that one of my siblings might have been their bear. It turned out that it was a gentlemen—and did not seem to be very interested in the fact that Mom had found him a new bear on eBay. Mom’s mom—who we call Grandma—thinks that the gentlemen may have thought that Mom would have given Foster or I up to him!? Although he said that he would email Mom with any more news, he hasn’t—which adds to Mom and Grandma’s suspicions! Mom says that she would never give either of us up—she loves both of us way too much! I’m glad that we’re safe in our house with the doors locked. The idea that there are people out there who would take teddies away from their moms is really scary!tn_2009-06-27 Pilar_edited-1

Timber, our World Wildlife Foundation wolf, wants to send a hearty hello to Lunar, the WWF wolf of our new online friend, neoguest1.  The newest post on their blog is about Build-A-Bear brown sugar puppies. We have a brown sugar puppy living here with us. Her name is Pilar. She doesn’t quite look like the puppies that are in the picture. Mom rescued Pilar from Goodwill in December of 2008, so she doesn’t know when she was made or anything like that. Pilar says that she would like to meet other brown sugar puppies online and is glad that our new friend found my blog.

Another one of our friends on our blog asked how many Build-a-Bear friends live here. Mom says that there a lot of Build-a-Bears living here. In the beginning, Mom only bought them from the BAB store, so there were only maybe a dozen. There was Robinson, Chloe, Fleur, Shirley, Charlotte and Milton. But then Mom discovered the fact that there are BAB plushies at Goodwill and our hug has skyrocketed! She probably still buys a few at the BAB store—like Timber or Snow, but most of the new friends are rescued from Goodwill.

Mom says that it is getting near bedtime. We’ve got Mom’s company all weekend, so maybe we’ll have some adventures. It all depends on the weather! No one wants to go out if it’s raining or snowing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th, 2009

tn_2009-10-12 Marlowe_edited-1 Today the temperature barely rose above 40 degrees, so despite the fact that it still October, Mom started to bring out some of my winter clothes. These are some of my Build-a-Bear pajamas. I think I look very studious in them. I want a matching cap! Then maybe I can sit near the fireplace and read books and look very debonair! She also made me put on my undershirt, which kind of annoyed me. She reminded me about how I don’t want to get too cold, so I best keep my undershirt on. I’ve also got some long-johns, but she says we can wait until it snows! I’m hoping that it can wait until Christmas! I guess if it makes Mom happy, I’ll wear them—even if I don’t think bears are bothered about the cold as much as humans are!tn_2009-10-12 Sullivan and Snow_edited-1

We have had a pretty interesting week. Mom brought home a new friend from Build-a-Bear yesterday. Her name is Snow and she is a polar bear. Mom brought her home so she could be friends with Sullivan, a polar bear who already lives here with us. Mom says that it’s tough being a polar bear in such a warm climate as Wisconsin. Sullivan and Snow are much more used to Arctic cold! (After I looked at that link, I’m glad that I’m a teddy bear that lives in Wisconsin! Boy, it’s cold up there!)

tn_2009-10-12 Pirouette  (2)_edited-1 Mom wants me to post this for you girls out there. She found a great dress at Build-a-Bear. I don’t think that it’s that cool—but Mom says that girls feel different about clothes then most boys! This is my friend Pirouette. She’s a purple pony from Build-a-Bear. Mom found her at GoodWill a long time ago. She had been wearing a horse blanket, but Mom says that this suits her better. I’m just going to trust what she says, because she’s the Mom and understands these things much more then me!

We got a comment on one of our older posts about a person who is missing a bear who looks just like me. Mom did a little internet research from the data on Foster’s tag (she cut mine off a long time ago) and found a teddy available for adoption on ebay that looks just like us. I hope that we’ve helped the person find their bear. We’ll keep you updated if the lady emails us back.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October 7th, 2009

tn_2009-10-05 Marlowe_edited-1 Boy, it’s getting colder around here! It gets to about 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit around here during the day—it’s not quite winter clothes time yet! Mom says that it will be time to get out the long-sleeved t-shirts soon! She bought me this very nice plaid shirt a few days ago from Goodwill.

Do you like the colder weather? Mom says that a lot of people don’t like the snow because it makes driving hard. But as bears, we don’t drive cars. Some of us hibernate instead. I wonder how many bears hibernate through the winter. I’ve never really thought about hibernating. You would miss Christmas if you slept through the whole winter. There would be no Christmas presents or Santa Claus. Maybe Santa Claus leaves the Christmas presents for the hibernating bears outside? I guess if they’ve got chimneys that he can go down he can put them near the fireplace? Hm—maybe I should ask Santa if we go and visit him this Christmas.

Caleb got a new jacket. He said that he got a little cold when Mom takes him places as her official travel bear. Stn_2009-10-05 Caleb_edited-1o she bought him a jean jacket. It’s from Webkinz. Mom gave the cyber jacket to her webkinz and Caleb got the real life one.  I think it looks pretty cool—and it has snaps. He has different clothes to wear when it gets colder, but he says that this works well. Caleb goes to school and work with Mom most of the time. Do any of you travel bears go with to work or school? Caleb says that work is pretty boring but he likes going to school. He says that he learns a lot of interesting things while he is there in Mom’s backpack. He tells the rest of us about the things that he learns—he’s explained a lot of outdoor things to us! I guess you can call him our inside source on things outside!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

October 3rd 2009

Taken from It’s a gray and dreary day here in Wisconsin. It’s perfect for spending the day curled up on the couch with a blanket and some books. Unfortunately, Mom has to go to work later in the day, but it leaves the whole morning for just that! We have been reading today. Do you have any favorite books? My favorite book is Owen, by Kevin Henkes. It is about a small mouse who has a blanket that he carries everywhere called Fuzzy. He is supposed to go to kindergarten soon, and his parents don’t want him to bring Fuzzy. It tells about the different things that his parents do to get Owen to forget Fuzzy and what he does to outwit them. Don’t worry—there is a happy ending!

My favorite bear book is Dan Freeman’s Corduroy. I think more people know about that one. Being the bear of a bookseller, I’ve got a favorite in many different categories! Mom has read us all different kinds of books. My favorite book to read by myself is the Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. My favorite book to be read is the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I like the big words that the author uses, but I can’t always figure out what he’s talking about when I’m reading it all by myself. Since Mom’s more then willing to read it out loud, I’ll leave it up to her!

So, do any of you have a favorite book you’d like to share?