Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11th, 2010

Hello everyone! Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Mom, who helps me type and such, has been very busy at work. It makes her tired, so we spend a lot of the time she’s not there just lounging around. Our computer is also having troubles communicating with the power cord.

Mom has two days coming in a row off, so maybe we can post some pictures then. We’ve got a lot to share!

I hope you’re all having a great holiday! I’m sure looking forward to Christmas! And my birthday is near then too—a Flickr friend of mine, Chunky van Monkey, had a birthday recently and got all sorts of nifty presents! He even got a great birthday hat! I’m hoping that Mom gets me one! Only time will tell. I will be back to regularly posting soon!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

November 4th, 2010

I’m sorry we haven’t posted lately. Mom has been busy with work. Last weekend, as a break from the Christmas crazies, Mom and a few of her friends from work went to the House on the Rock to the American Gods Anniversary Party and met Neil Gaiman! (He’s a famous author, who happened to also write a book named Coraline, which Mom LOVES!)She said that I was too big to bring with, so Caleb went with instead.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (17)_edited-1

That guy in back is Neil Gaiman. Mom and her friends went to listen to him talk. They got to sit up front.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (27)_edited-1

And then he talked. Mom and her friends got to sit up front. This made her very happy.

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock  (41)

So after that, they waited in line for a while, and then he signed Mom’s book. (That’s my mom!)

tn_2010-10-29 House on the Rock (50)_edited-1

This has made Mom a very happy camper. I’m hoping her good mood carries on for a while and she will help me post some more. If you want to see more pictures of the House on the Rock, they are at her DeviantArt page, along with Facebook. Her pictures are much better then the ones on their webpage!

We received some great mail that Mom has to process the pictures for! It’s bedtime, but Mom thought she’d say something so everyone would know. I’ll get her to process the photos tomorrow after she gets out of work.

Marlowe II

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16th, 2010

Mom’s next day off is next Wednesday, so we’ve been pretty tired around here. On her day off though, we went back outside and took some pictures. They’re not as cool as the ones at the park, but still pretty awesome. She took the Liv dolls out as well, but she says that I can just post pictures of my friends and I.

tn_2010-10-10 Marlowe and Caleb (5)_edited-1

The idea behind this photo-shoot came from a book that Mom read while she was at work. It encouraged people to take photographs from different angles.

tn_2010-10-10 Marlowe_edited-1

Some of my friends got to come outside too. Mom let Milton come out because he matched the fall leaves on the ground so well.

tn_2010-10-10 Milton (5)_edited-1

He is the right shade of brown!

tn_2010-10-10 Foster (5)_edited-1

Foster got to come outside pretty much for the same reason.

tn_2010-10-10 Carabella (5)_edited-1

Carabella was looking kind of lonely. Mom brought her outside and got some of the best pictures of the entire bunch!

If you would like to see the other photos that came out of this shoot, Mom has them here on our flickr account.

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet around here. Mom works and we wait for her. Sometimes we watch TV, and other times we read books. I’m hoping that she gets some more free time so we can go and do something interesting like the park again!

Marlowe II

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October 6th, 2010

This is going to be a brief entry because I only have one thing to share. Mom found a relative of one of our blog readers at Goodwill a few days ago. We’re not quite sure how they’re related, but Mom is glad that she found her.

tn_2010-10-03 Emily_edited-1

Meet Emily, a relative of some way of Emmi Jade, the authoress of Emmi Jade’s Cottontail Chronicles. She is a tan swirl Build-a-Bear bunny.

tn_2010-10-03 Ruby and Emily (2)_edited-1

She has been fitting in nicely around here. Ruby, who happens to be the first Build-a-Bear that Mom rescued from Goodwill, has been spending time with her and introducing her to all our friends!

Mom took Robinson and I outside a few days ago and took some pictures that she wants to share. It wasn’t outside to the park, but it was still nice to get out and sit in the sun. We’ll post those later. I hope you’re having a great day!

Marlowe II

Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 2nd, 2010

It took a few days for my mom to remember that we promised to post the photos that we were going to take. It turned out to be even a bigger photograph session then we thought. Mom took me to the park and took me out of her backpack! Granted, there wasn’t a soul around, but this is a big move!

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (2)_edited-1

I’m going to admit that I was a little scared. This was the first time I’ve been out of the backpack when she’s been off the property. Considering that I’ve been with her for over six years, this is a big thing! Caleb came with me like he almost always does.

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (7)_edited-1

Here I am at the top of the slide. This seemed to be the only bear sized thing I could do.

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (8)_edited-1

But it turned out to be a bit too adventurous for a small bear’s first playground visit. That was fast!

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (11)_edited-1

So I sat in the swing for a while. This was much more my speed. Meanwhile, Caleb was running around. He wasn’t afraid of anything—being seen by other humans, heights, or even things much bigger them himself.

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (14)_edited-1

Mom chased him around a bit and finally got him to come back to the backpack. It was kind of cold so we both climbed back into the safety of the backpack.

tn_2010-09-25 Park Trip (18)_edited-1

So that was my first adventure out in the world off my property. Mom says that we will try for another place someday, although it might not be till next summer. But I am glad that I got to go somewhere like this at all!

These pictures have been a big hit on my Mom’s flickr page. We’re trying to reach out the other plushie photographers!

Have a good day! I hope everything is going well for you all!

Marlowe II

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25th, 2010

Mom checked our blogger dashboard yesterday and discovered that we had not posted since the 11th! Egads! It’s mostly because Mom hasn’t really felt like posting—work has been giving her grief, so we sit on the couch and read when she is home. No photography trips outside. If it gets a bit more sunny outside today, we will post some pictures.

But for right now, Mom thought we would post a pretty fall-in-Wisconsin picture.

tn_2010-09-22 Fall in Greenville (5) WM

The leaves are turning pretty colors now. Our front yard is mostly apple trees. Apple tree leaves don’t really turn colors—well, I guess they do turn a color—but it’s brown instead of this pretty yellow!

tn_2010-09-22 Fall in Greenville (22) WM

These leaves come from this tree. It is a silver maple. (Acer saccharinum) Mom says that it is native to the eastern United States and Canada. We have three big silver maples on our property. They are over 100 years old. The gentleman who used to live in this house moved down the road when it got too much for him to handle by himself. He said that his parents planted the trees before he was born!

Now I am going to try to convince Mom to go outside and take some pictures! Wish me the best of luck!

Marlowe II

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2010

The most exciting thing to happen around here in the past few days was that Mom took a bunch of us outside on the porch for to take photographs. Mom has revived her Flickr account to post pictures to various teddy bear and doll groups that she had been previously merely browsing. Some of the people who post on the travel and companion doll lists that she lurks on post such lovely pictures. Some of the pictures that she takes of us are very lovely too!

One of the reasons that Mom wanted to take photos was that we have a new friend. It’s been a while since I’ve introduced anyone here.

tn_2010-09-09 Marjorie the SmallFry BAB_edited-1

This is Majorie, a Read Teddy Small-Fry from Build-a-Bear. Mom has been seeing advertisements for them online for a while, but this is the first time that she got to go to the store and buy one. Marjorie came home with us because most of the clothes that they had were for girl bears. But the two outfits for boy bears came home with us too—because Mom thought that Caleb might be the right size.

tn_2010-09-09 Caleb in SmallFry Clothes_edited-1And it turned that Mom was right, but just barely. These clothes were VERY tight on Caleb. Technically, I have the exact same sweatshirt, but in big Build-a-Bear size, so we’re going to be twins! Mom says that it is impressive on how the large head made Marjorie seem to be a lot bigger then Caleb. It doesn’t matter though—everyone is happy!

And because the doll photography is the reason that Mom started to go back to Flickr and look, Tilia and Lindera came outside to get their photos taken. Mom had found these two fancy dresses in a grab bag at a thrift store and wanted to make sure they would fit before she started repairing them.

tn_2010-09-09 Lindera and Tilia_edited-1Sigh, I think we’ve talked enough about clothes! (I write this to make Mom happy—she spends a lot of time making sure that we look nice for the photo session!) Fall is beginning where we live. Some of the trees are beginning to turn colors. In the front yard, we have about a dozen or so apple trees. The apples, which don’t get treated with anything to get rid of the bugs, are ripe now.

tn_2010-09-09 Apple Tree (6)_edited-1Are there any signs of your changing seasons? I’m sure Mom will take plenty of pictures of the changing fall leaves once they start in earnest!

Marlowe II

Monday, September 06, 2010

September 6th, 2010

Mom and I went onto the BearPlace website and discovered that we did not share the newest picture she took. If we didn’t share it there, we certainly didn’t share it here!

tn_2010-09-01 Marlowe (2)_edited-1 This is the postcard that Berrie and Feddie sent to me from CHINA! Isn’t that cool! Mom showed me where China is on the map! She was also reading a book about a guy who traveled through China, so we’ve been extra interested in it! Thank you so very much!

tn_2010-09-01 Marlowe_edited-1

My other great find is a bear sized camping backpack. Mom found it at Goodwill! Now I can keep all sorts of things in here. I own a few other backpacks, but they are kind of small. I think Caleb will fit in here! Or maybe a book? Hm.

tn_2010-08-29 Sunflowers (13)_edited-1

And to end this post with something pretty, this is a photo of one of Mom’s teddy bear sunflowers. Mom planted all sorts of pretty and different sunflowers this year, and this is the only teddy bear sunflower to make it to full grown. Our growing season is getting near the end, but we have already made plans for next year’s sunflower crop. We’re going to try to protect the sunflower seedlings from the birds, bugs, and other assorted things that would eat them.

I hope I have more to report next time. Mom has two days off in a row coming up, and I hope I can convince her to take me outside for a while! Hope you are all having a great day!

Marlowe II

Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29th, 2010

A few days ago, Mom took a few of my friends and me into the kitchen so she could cook supper. When we sit in the kitchen all together, we usually watch a movie. This time, we watched a TV show that Mom had bought at work. When she was a teenager, there was this show on the Food Network called Two Fat Ladies. It’s a British cooking show. The two ladies who were are on are very funny—and they cook food with lots of calories and butter. Mom says that since she shouldn’t eat the food, it’s much better to watch it being made on television!tn_2010-08-26 Watching TV (5)_edited-1

I think it is a pretty funny show. I don’t quite grasp all the British humor, but I guess I haven’t watched it enough. We are finished with the first disc now—the first six shows. One of the ladies unfortunately passed away after twenty-four shows.

But now Mom can watch it over and over again. It turns out that it is also on the Cooking Channel now—but we don’t get that channel. Mom says that Good Eats is still probably her favorite TV show, but Two Fat Ladies is a very close second!

This clip is about alcohol, but Mom thought she should connect to something that was legally uploaded! (Acorn Media are the people who make the DVDs.)

I hope you are all having a great day. Mom took some pictures today that we will post later in the week!

Marlowe II

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28th, 2010

Oh, things have been so quiet around here. Mom has been busy working, but she has this weekend off. A few days ago though, she took me out onto the porch and took some more pictures. She wants to post my picture to her DeviantArt  account. The picture needs to be top quality to make it on there, so we’re going to take lots of photos until we find one that makes us both happy. Here is one of the first session.tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (2)_edited-1

Mom likes the bokeh in this photo. Bokeh is the shiny, misty background—the grass in this photo.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (5)_edited-1

In this one, she likes the way the light is.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (12)_edited-1

I like this one because it shows my shadow. Mom says that it isn’t lighted properly, but I don’t care! She says that I can post whatever pictures I want on my blog since it’s supposed to be about fun, not criticism! We will upload the rest of them to my Picasa album, and you can go and look at them. Which of the first two do you think is the better? Hm. I think it’s hard to decide!

Marlowe II

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20th, 2010

This post is going to be image heavy because we received a package from Build-a-Bear yesterday! Robinson and I received new outfits!

tn_2010-08-19 Robinson (4)_edited-1

This is my friend, Robinson. He’s really not an urban skater, but the outfit was on clearance on their website. This outfit has the added benefit of having drawstring pants—because he’s a very slender horse. Most of BAB’s pants fall off him—or they would if they weren’t held up by his tail! (It’s not a problem I have—I’m much more stout!)tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Fedora_edited-1

My new fedora! Isn’t it snazzy! It really doesn’t fit me very well, but I don’t care!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Giraffe Shirt (2)_edited-1

Mom didn’t see this shirt in the stores when the Zoorific collection was out. We both love giraffes, so she wanted this shirt!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and New Backpack_edited-1 My new backpack!

tn_2010-08-19 Marlowe and Bedding (2)_edited-1

And my new bedding. I’ve coveted Emmi Jade’s bedding—and once I saw that BAB was going to have bear sized bedding, I wanted that just as much! It’s sports themed, which really isn’t my thing, but it’s better then the pink girl stuff! Now I have to talk Mom into buying me the bed!

tn_2010-08-19 Group Photo_edited-1

And finally, a group photo of everyone who came downstairs to see what was in the package! I love all the presents!

Marlowe II

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th, 2010

Yesterday, my mom finally remembered to buy some greeting cards to send to my internet friends! She bought them and brought them home for me to pick!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing_edited-1 She bought six cards because we have five international stamps and one friend who lives in the US. Well, we have two friends who live in the US, but only one address!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing (2)_edited-1Here I am with a pen to start writing in them. Mom writes the messages, but I sign my name. It takes me a while to write, so it’s easier that way. So some of you will have a card to look forward to! Mom thought that it would be better if we left it as a surprise! I like nice surprises, so I agreed!

For the past two days, the weather has been incredibly nice. Mom has to work, so we didn’t go outside. But I did get to see some beautiful skies from the window!

tn_2010-08-14 Morning Skies (3)_edited-1

Do you ever look up and try to imagine shapes in the clouds? Sometimes I do! I have seen boats, and flowers, and trains. These clouds are too wispy to see anything in them, but they are still scenic! These clouds are called cirrocumulus floccus. Mom showed me pictures of all the different kinds of clouds, and we are going to try to spot them. It will be a nice, calm way to spend some time outside!

Marlowe II