Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29th, 2014

So this year seems to be the year of the crisis for our family. Maybe crisis is a strong word, but it’s certainly been one of those years.

My mom, Oliver, my plushie family, the AG dolls, and the BJD kids are all right. Mom found Atticus, a Harmony Club Cameron doll. She found Mols. The BJD kids have a dollhouse now to live in—they’re very fond of not having to live in a box! So that’s all good!

Mom’s sister has announced that she is going to have a baby! She’s going to be due sometime in June! It’s a long time away, but it’s still something that we’re planning for!

But now for the bad news—Mom’s mom—our grandma (although Mom’s not sure what she would think of us calling her that!) has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a tumor inside her lung. It definitely is treatable and she’s been doing great with all the stuff that’s been happening. It’s four days of treatment, three weeks off, and another four days of treatment. She has to go six times. Mom has been going with her when she can. She takes me with and I sit in her backpack near the chair for emotional support. It’s done in a large room with lots of chairs and people so I stay in the backpack. She’s not a terribly big fan of all the noise and the people talking—so I’m glad I get to go with!

That’s why we haven’t been posting so much. Mom and I felt like you all should know—you’re all such nice people! We hope you’re all having a good day and we’ll talk to you soon!

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