Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th, 2010

tn_2010-07-02 Tiger Lilies Outside Ted's Grandview (9)_edited-1 Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans!

My friend, Eldritch the dragon, although with Kolo Martin, posted a meme-like thing consisting of five different questions to answer. I decided to answer the questions that Eldritch posed! I do love memes!

1) How old are you (in human years)?: I am six years old in human years, although my mom and I say that I am always eight years old.
2) If you could go anywhere in the world that you've never been where would you go?: I think that I would like to go to England to meet my friends from BearPlace!
tn_2010-06-30 Pink Day Lily (3)_edited-13) What's your favourite thing on TV?: I love the Food Network like my mom—especially the show, Good Eats!
4) Food or sleep?: Hm. That is a hard decision. I really like chocolate, but I really like naps!
5) Do you have any lucky charms, and if so, what are they?: Hm. Mom says that I am her lucky charm!

The picture is of a white tiger lily. My mom saw it at a restaurant that they go to every Friday. It was in the middle of hundreds of orange ones. Since orange is the color that they usually come in, this was a mutant flower!

Mom was taking pictures of a pink lily and we thought a while about what was our favorite colors and why. Mom’s favorite color is purple, while I think my favorite color is blue. I admit that I also like purple because flowers really don’t come in blue that much, so I mostly see purple ones! What is your favorite color?

Marlowe II


  1. Hi Marlowe! I like reading when other people do memes, though I don't care for doing them myself. It neat getting to know what someone else likes. I guess I hadn't thought about what my favorite color was, but I think it's blue, even if there aren't a lot of flowers that come in blue. Thanks for sharing your meme answers!

  2. My favourite colour is green!
    And I must confess I can't remember how old I am in human years.

  3. My favorite colour is red, but I think that's no surprise ;-)! I don't know my age in human years but today I got to chose a birthday because G. doesn't know the real date. So now I decided that my birthday is going to be 14th july because G. told me that in France that day is a national holiday. And I like it when we are in France.